Who are you, Disco Dan?


When you think about a star the stature of Disco Dan, it's hard to believe that he was once an unknown struggling to make his dream come true. But it's true.

It all started when a young, starry-eyed Disco Dan came to Hollywood to seek his fortune. He knew it would be hard. But he also knew that he could make it. Sure, there were lots of other young hopefuls in this glittering city, but they lacked that certain something that Disco Dan had in spades.

But it didn't happen overnight. It took an excruciating two weeks, during which Disco Dan supported himself by working various odd jobs. He worked long and hard as a stunt coordinator and a dance instructor. He even spent a stint waiting tables, although don't ask him admit to that! ;)

Nighttime, though, was the time for Disco Dan to shine. He liked to unwind after a hard day at some of the hottest discos in Hollywood. There he would impress one and all with his amazing dancing techniques. Most impressive was his unique ability to effortlessly incorporate complex kung fu moves into his routines. Everyone would check him out, and all would be abuzz the next morning about this cool dude.

And then one day it all paid off. After a particularly heavy kung fu workout Disco Dan went to his favorite natural food restaurant "The Green Machine" to recharge his chi. As luck would have it, also lunching was Manny Tinker, famed Hollywood agent. Recognizing Disco Dan as the super-smooth dancer from the night before, Manny approached him. As Disco Dan remembers today, "you know, people always say it was luck that brought us together that day, but I don't believe in simple luck. Baby, it was meant to be." Yes, Disco Dan, it was.

Disco Dan in the Italian classic "I Dieci Comandamenti"

Fame came easy to Disco Dan after that, and he began his long, successful career in films. Although he has appeared in a number of 'arty' films, such as Goddard's "King Lear" and Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", he has shined most prominently in martial arts films, especially such classics as "Drunken Dragon Fist" and "Return of the Eagle Claw". Which is fine by him. "Being able to make these films is very special to me, because it give me a way to reach the kids of today, and talk to them on their level. If all I do for the rest of my career is martial arts films, I will die happy, because I know it's what the fans want."

But Disco Dan's fame is rapidly growing too big for the silver screen alone, as his burgeoning recording career testifies. His previous two albums, "For Love" and "In the Evening Love", have already gone multi-platinum world-wide, thanks to his huge followings in Germany and Japan. And there's no reason to think his latest effort, "Keeping It for Love, Baby" won't be as successful.

Disco Dan has a clear sense of the true rewards, though. "It isn't about the money or the parties or the women", he muses. "It's having this great opportunity to touch so many people, bring happiness into their lives. It makes me feel like I really am doing something for the greater good of mankind, and not just for myself. That's what makes it all worthwhile".

And that's what makes you such a superstar of galactic proportions, Disco Dan.

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