2nd AD's Diary, cont.

Day 18: Still no Disco Dan. The producers are a little worried. The humane society people have been hanging around a lot too, which is making people nervous, but personally I think they're more interested in the strange little vials at the craft services table than in the animals.

Day 19: The director quit this morning! The 1st AD is now directing, so now I'm the 1st AD!!! Woohoo!!! Oh, still no Disco Dan.

Day 20: Still no Disco Dan, so the new director decided to shoot all the fight scenes with Disco Dan's stunt double. Shot them all and wrapped early.

Day 21: Disco Dan showed up today with Tommy Lee and found out we shot all the fight scenes with his stunt double. He went completely ballistic, tearing up the craft services table, and then demanded that all the footage be burned and the director be sacked. He's now in a meeting with the producers in his trailer.

Day 22: I am now the director. Oh shit.

Day 23: Disco Dan invited me into his trailer today so he could "get to know the new talent". He's actually a very cool guy, a real star. After a few lines we went out and shot some of the fight scenes. Except for him falling on his face once or twice, I think they're pretty good. This isn't so tough!

Day 24: Saw yesterday's footage. It's utter shit and needs to all be reshot. I think there's something going on between Disco Dan and our lead actress. We had to keep reshooting their love scene over and over today, because Disco Dan kept saying he wasn't satisfied with the takes. Spent all day on that.

Day 25: After a conference with Disco Dan in his trailer, we went out and shot the fight scene again. This time it's brilliant, I'm sure. The producers are starting to freak out about money, though, and so now we can only get decaf Sanka.

Day 26: Footage is shit.

Day 29: Disco Dan didn't show. King Kitty has refused to rehearse anymore scenes, and says to only call him when we're ready to shoot. Plus the producers say we're too over budget, so we're now having to shoot in digital. I had some concerns about matching it with the previous footage in 35mm, but they say no problem, we'll fix it in post.

Day 32: Still no Disco Dan, to decided to track him down myself. Finally found him at Skybar with Rick James, Robert Evans and that lady with the big round glasses from the Old Navy ads (never did catch her name). Finally managed to drag him and our lead actress out of Kenau Reeves' suite at Chateau Marmot around 3:30 am.

Day 37: Disco Dan and I rolled onto the set around 1:00 pm. During a meeting in his trailer we decided to just go with the fight footage we already have (we'll fix it in post), so we shot the rest of the opening scenes before we lost our light.

Day 38: Spent the day in Disco Dan's trailer celebrating the fact that we're almost done.

Day 41: The bonding company came in today, insisting on drug tests for everyone. I guess the craft services bill has been astronomical, and the producers are completely freaked.

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