2nd AD's Diary, cont.


Day 42: At a party last night Geri Halliwell came up with the brilliant idea of having a herd of elephants stampede through the village at the end of the fight scene, so we've decided to move the production to Africa, and go on a safari as long as we're there. Speak with the producers about it later today.

Day 43: I've been fired. The script girl is now directing. Bitch.

Day 44: Disco Dan got me back my old job as 2nd AD, and he's promised to talk to the producers about getting me back on as director. He's a great guy.

Day 45: Disco Dan, the script girl and the producers had a long meeting in Disco Dan's trailer today. He came out with his arm around the script girl's shoulder, but he gave me a wink, so I know he's fighting for me.

Day 46: Still 2nd AD. Disco Dan says he's waiting for the script girl to fuck up, and then he'll go back to the producers with my name. Good plan. Meanwhile, we started shooting in 16mm today. I guess the script girl complained about having to shoot on digital, so the pussywhipped producers compromised and let her use 16mm. Bitch.

Day 47: Script girl and Disco Dan rolled in together around 1:00. Our lead actress was pissed about something, and tore up the craft services table before storming off. Luckily, all her scenes are shot, so we don't really need her anyways. After we cleaned up, we spent the afternoon re-shooting the fight scenes. Somehow everyone got them perfectly first time every time, but Disco Dan assures me I'll be in there in no time. We went out to celebrate.

Day 48: I got to the shoot around 2:30, but they had already finished and wrapped. It's all done. Wrap party is tomorrow. Don't know if I want to go.

Day 49: Decided to go to the wrap party, but they must have given me the wrong address. Couldn't find it.

Day 50: Got a call from Disco Dan. He wants me to direct his next film. I need to start out as 2nd AD again, but more than likely I'll be directing by the end of the day, he says. I asked who's directing, and he said the script girl. I said I'll think about it, but I'm going to take it. I think it's the wise career move.

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